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Amanda "Mandi" Alvarado

Mandi Alvarado is a disability advocate, Influencer and Nonprofit Leader.  She is the Executive Director of KEEN New York – Kids Enjoy Exercise Now, a nonprofit that provides free programs of fitness, fun and friendship to children and young adults with disabilities – accepting every child regardless of the severity of their disability.

Mandi is a leader in inclusion advocacy for people with disabilities.  She was selected to attend the exclusive MIT Sloan School of Managements program LEAD20@MIT Leadership in the Digital Age, in partnership with the Ruderman Foundation in 2019. She also sat on a panel to discuss Beauty, Self-Advocacy, and Disability at the 2020 Reelabilities Film Festival.


MandiBox Beauty is Mandi's brand, empowering individuals and organizations with the tools needed to foster a more inclusive environment. Mandi can be hired for consultations, custom trainings, and workshops. 


Mandi's 3 societal strikes

Mandi's motivational podcast “Find Your Beautiful: Life Through the Eyes of a Christian Disabled Woman” addresses some of today's ugly issues affecting people with disabilities and encourages her audience to find their unique personal beauty. She focuses on speaking to the "3 strikes" she faces in society:

Mandi and her family in Christmas pjs. Family dog in in the picture.


1. She is a Christian in a society where true faith is often

misrepresented and mocked. 

2. She was born disabled, living life with severe physical limitations

in a society not designed for her. 

3. She is a woman in a society where females are still fighting for equality.


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